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~ United’s 1953 – Tropics ~


In 2015` I wrote: Vic and Jay have posted a couple of nice pictures on the IPDB – Cool`


But I missed the nuance there`I now wonder if Jay has owned one of these. I will ask, he is very

knowledgeable about the Bingos – Maybe this explains it – Cool`


 Even so we are getting some good photos now, it would be great if you could send in a set – To the IPDB`

this is a great Bingo, so it would be nice to capture detail about it now – Thank you`


I do not have many resources, but…




~ This United Tropics was on sale in Portland Oregon in 2008 – A United Nevada is sitting next to it ~








Like all of the “Multiple-Ball” pinballs of the Bingo-Era, the United Tropics was “5 Balls Play” and these were pretty cool machines. This was a fully-stocked bingo and the number of features you were awarded would increase as you kept inserting nickels and on this guy you wanted to. The main feature here was a Select EM and with it, you were allowed to pick a specific feature of your choice in addition to the one’s the game enabled on it’s own – Now check out that center Select EM choice: Advance Score, where if chosen, the Tropics would again randomly kick the scores higher – At least one position!


Phil’s site notes how United stripped this thing out of the follow-up Tahiti, to never be seen again!


– This is a Rock’in Payout Bingo! –



~ If you’re shopping for a United – Place this guy right at the top of your list ~


~ Its got it all ~






Adding in the detail from an old Archive – 2019`



Tropics BGtropics bg back


…a few years before Chris Dade perfected the Art` the Visual Pinball boys were also working to recreate a few of these too`




…one of the best Bingos ever`1953





…a lousy photo, but one of my all time favorites – Thanks Tim`


tropics door






From up on the Hill – Thanks boys`




image011.jpg image013.jpg


image015.jpg image017.jpg







Found this set on Invaluable in 2019`



























December 2019`


Image 3a.png


Looking for a new home`



Right here in Portland`


tropics - portland oregon.jpg



Cash Box Magazine August 22nd, 1953`


CB August 22nd, 1953.png









October 10, Seattle`


Skill Shot Post: …The museum is an active space and while people playing pinball, often pins are being worked on. Go there during the day and you’re likely to see someone trying to coax a machine back to life, or giving one of the games a tune-up. There have been some interesting donations to the SPM recently, including a Tropics bingo-machine (1953) and a KISS (1978), neither of which were in working condition when dropped off. There’s also a lot of comings and goings, as pinball machines are added to the museum roster on a weekly basis. Charlie says that they have the space for 28 games.

The Seattle Pinball Museum is currently open Thursday – Sunday. Admission includes unlimited free-play. They also plan on opening for special events and tournaments. Check out their Facebook page for further details.

Seattle Pinball Museum, 508 Maynard Ave S, Seattle WA




…found in a bx of random black-and-white photos at an antique shop`






























































































~ United Bingo-Style Pinballs ~
















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