As we see with the sophisticate Bingos being released today, the games were destined to become programmable`


State-of-the-Art and configurable to one’s own liking`…the technology is literally off-the-shelf and waiting`


Digital Electronics`Video`Computer Simulation`…and some of it starting right at home`



~ ………Simulated Bingo Pinball Technology…..…. ~




"Looking Forward"

Belgium Bingo Pinball Simulations

Virtual Pinball Argentino : 2019

Pinup Popper ...Playlist

Bingo vs. Flipper ...Virtuel

W. Dagelmann ...the Tables`

Bingo.Joopriem ...the Tables`

Mike Busetti’s Custom “mini” Bingo

Back How Far - 2010`

Programmer / Creator - Hung

Programmer / Creator - Draudic

Programmer / Creator - DocFlipr

Full Size Machine - Mike Busetti

Upright - Jon's Universal

Full Size Machine - Mr. Flup Peirloz

Full Size Machine - Troy's Work

Full Size Machine - Nick's Work

Full Size Machines - Joopriem`

Simulations - Bingo Phone Apps

Programmer / Creator - Draudic (Will)

Simulations - Bingo Flash Games

Simulation Site - Future Pinballs

Bingo Tribute Simulations - Bipingo

Web Forum - Pinball Nirvana

Simulation Site - IRpinballs

Bingo Tribute Simulations - ERSTE

Simulation Site - Rogue Pinball



Future Pinball - Beach Club

PinSim DB - Bally Continental

Future Pinball - Continental

Future Pinball - Original Bingo Poker

PinSim DB -  Bikini

Future Pinball - Rainbow Bingo




Perhaps the simulations you see here are only the beginning of the games that will be designed in the Private Sector`


The possibilities are truly endless`


And so is the interest of the average man` Nick started out wanting to play every Bally`


Joopriem’s design takes us a step further`…Not only giving you every Bally and United game,

but allows you to program your own custom designs`

















Truly limitless`…I love it`






















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