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I started this set of pages to help the guys here in America setup the Bingos from Belgium`


A lot of the older solid-state electronic games from Belgium started coming here and the guys were having problem with Error Codes, no manuals, no keypads,

and no idea how to work on the machines and get them fixed and running again - Yikes`


Be very very careful if you buy one of these old games, careful not to open in up needlessly. Simple things like do not remove the backglass to clean it and

do not separate the top and lower cabinets and/or pop the handrail - etc.


These machines have a bunch of protections built into them “lockouts” that will fault the computer chips if you do`


If it happens, you need a keypad to fix it and there may not be a manuals or schematic for larger problems - etc`


The idea behind the links below was to share what manuals we do have and pictures of the inside of the machines, pictures of the keypads, so hopefully you can match up

your games to other and get the information and equipment you need`…we have got lucky a few times`



~  Photos Sets Internal Electronics  ~



Super Six Card Internals

Sorex Continental

Sorex Continental Top Game

Penalty 2 Internals

Wimi Super 7 Seven Internals

Sirmo Golden Continental Turbo

TSCC Continental 7

Wimi Green Diamond - v1

Sirmo Magic Screen Bingos

TSCC Continental Super 7

New Continental & Continental Golden

Sirmo Bingo Continental One Ball

TSCC Continental One Ball

G.A.A Super Six Cards

Sirmo New Orleans

TSCC Continental Magic Game

G.A.A. New Continental

Sirmo New Orleans - II

TSCC Magic Dixieland

Magic Screen Internals/Keypad/Meters

Sirmo Palm Beach Turbo

Concorde Internals

Wimi Euro Continental Internals

Euro Continental Star - French Hybrid

Concorde Internals

Dixieland MPU Board??

Splin - Golden Game

Sirmo Golden Gate Euro - Set 1

Sirmo Gold Ball (The Dead Years)

Sirmo Golden Gate Euro - Set II

Magic Lines - Mississippi

Miss Bowling - Maybe our First Look

Miss Bowling Golden Internals - I

Miss Bowling Golden Internals

Sirmo - Miss America CPU

French CanCan _ Control Box Access?

Wimi - Miss Bowling Golden

Sirmo Louisiana

French CanCan Photos & Video

Wimi Miss Queen

Sirmo Miss America Triple Bonus

G.A.A. French CanCan

Wimi Miss Bowling Turbo

Sirmo Brooklyn

G.A.A. Moulan Rouge

Solid-State - Royal Skittle Internals 3

Solid-State - Miss Americana Internals

TSCC -  Miss Nevada

Solid-State - Royal Skittle Internals 2

Solid-State - Miss MaDonna Internals

More on Gary Geer's Nevada

Solid-State - Royal Skittle Internals 1


k7 Krusaal Bingo Master Internals

Sorex Splin Sirmo PCBAs

JGC’s – Carioca – One Ball

Sirmo Palm Beach Turbo (The Dead Years)

Sirmo Palm Beach Turbo


~ Miscellaneous Manuals ~

Cirsa - Euro Bingo 7

Luckia - Lucky Bingo

K7 Krusaal - Bingo Montana

Cirsa - Euro Bingo 7 (1000)

Recel - Space Game

Sirmo - 357 Manuel Technique

Sorex and Lomogea Crossover

Wilms Export Company N.V. Manuals

Wimi's "Euro Continental Star"

2011 Splin Parts Catalog

TSCC Continental One Ball (GAA)

Sirmo's Louisiana

Continental Magic Game - Part 1

Vic`s G.A.A. New Continental Golden

Bingo Continental One Ball Manual

 TSCC Continental Magic Game - Part 2

The solid-state manuals we have Posted

Sirmo's New Orleans

MG 4125 libero - Part 3

...a good solid-state manual source - 1

Splin Golden Games _ Nice Set!

Tabella 4125 - Part 4

...a good solid-state manual source - 2




The solid-state manuals we have posted

... a good solid-state manual source - 1

Miss Bowling Golden Detail

Sirmo's Dallas and Golden Nugget

... a good solid-state manual source - 2

Brooklyn Manual - Use a Sirmo 6-Card





~ Commonality ~





Sorex and Lomogea Crossover

Sirmo's Brooklyn is like Sirmo's Continental

Sirmo's New Orleans is like Sirmo's Louisiana

Super Six is basically a Bally Continental








~ Schematics ~





Miss Bowling Golden - Some Schematics








~ Machine Errors/Problems ~






Detailed Sirmo New Orleans Repair


Miss Nevada - Service Box Connector?

Aeneas - "Belgium Bingo Machines"

TSCC Continental Super 7 - TFT Problem


Fix with no Key _ Dallas Sram


Miss Bowling E602 Errors


ebo2 problem Royal Skittle (2-Card)

E602 Errors (Fix 2)

OC Errors (Open Circuit Errors)

Flipjuke _ Sirmo Code Problem

E602 Errors (Cause)

047 error - Green Diamond (6-Card)

Solid-State Help - Contact 1

E602 Errors (Fix 1)

EE51 Errors

Solid-State Help - Contact 2

E602 Errors (Fix 3)

Gameroom Forum _ Bingo Error Codes

Solid State Help - Contact 3


Steve on his Wimi Super Six (6-Card)


French CanCan - No-operation


Splin Golden Game _ Error 005600 ??

Clearing Rollover Alarms

"Reset All" - Magic Dixieland"

Working around not having the Keys

Splin Access Codes

Wimi New Orleans Help & Contact

Working around not having the Keys

Resetting the Error Codes - II

Solid State Help - Contact 4

Working around not having the Keys


Start your Wimi without a Key




~ Eeprom Related ~




Sirmo Seeben Epprom Code??

Rom Dump Sites - 2020

Undumped Wiki

Eeproms _ Simulations/Possible Help

Solid-State Eeprom Bins - ??

Eeprom - Wimi Green Diamond V3.9

Some Bingo Pinball Eeprom Code

Eeprom / Key Information - Wimi??

Eeproms _ Simulations/Possible Help

Seeben Eeprom Information

Reading the Eeprom Code

Sirmo Eeprom Information


Eeprom Programming Code Recovery




~ Ram / Code / Programming Related ~




Golden Continental Keypad Programming

IC Programming - Miss Americana?

WIMI Programming and Debug

Undumped Games - ??

Solid-State - Wimi Code

Unknown Splin/Seeben Code

Some Programming Instruction??

G.A.A. Code - Moulan Rogue - Keys

Green Diamond - Programming Trivia

Euro Continental Star - Programming

Solid-State _ Wimi Ram

Copying the SRAM

Using Your Wimi Programmer

Start your Wimi without a Key

Royal Skittle Programming Notes

Forum Entry: Wimi Ram Code





~ Programming Keypads ~




Splin's "Golden Game" - Sirmo/Sorex

Sirmo Penalty 2 Keypad

Bally Continental Keypad & Replay Box

G.A.A. - Miss Nevada - Keypad

Magic Screen Internals/Keypad/Meters

The Sirmo/Splin Keypad

G.A.A. New Continental Golden  Keypad

Montana _ Sirmo/Splin Keypad

Misc Solid State Keypads

Piccadilly Manual & Keypad

Simro Service Box (1980-1996 Bingos)

Sirmo Masterview Keypad





~ Service Boxes ~


Wimi Miss Queeen Control Boxes

Euro Continental Star Control Box

Sirmo New Orleans

Help Identify These Service Boxes?

Wimi Service Box Notes

Wimi Switch Matrix Tester

...a Service Box being used Sirmo/Splin?

Larry Lemmerman's Wimi Box

Place2Play _ "Sirmo/Splin Programmer"

New (2011) Sirmo Service Box

No Key? _ Reset all the Addresses!!

Locating a Service Box for Purchase







~ Misc Solid State Links ~





Solid-State PCB & Manual Detail

Stereolux Magic Ball Manaul

Oper Coin Parts Resource

...for the Hunters "Zonder Codes"

Miss Bowling Schematics & Manuals

Question about the Sirmo fuses

  The CPU Battery - It must be there!

CPUs - French Can Can - Moulin Rouge

Keychains & Security Codes

Sirmo J Keyboard & J Electronic Key

Help Identify - Solid State Boards?

The Cabinet Code Keys Are Common

Solid-State _ Wireless Modules

Board Matrix _ Combined View

Source Wimi Cabinet Code Keys?

Solid-State _ Upgrading the early Bingos

Board Matrix _ Needs Separated

Purpose of the Cabinet Code Keys

Sirmo's Solid State Reflex Board

cherche cpu bingo sirmo

Can you get Wimi keys??

The Schematics - Interflip Honolulu

Broken Sirmo better vs. Broken Wimi??

The Schematics - Magic Ball







Now here in America we also have some old Bally games that have been upgrade/converted to digital electronics.


I have worked on a few of these now and I have started adding detail into my America Section under Bingo Company’s













If you need any help, please email me`


If you have any resources to add here to help other`…please email me too`


Thank you`



















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