Last update 04/14/2021



The End-of-an-Era in America`…would herald a new beginning for the Bingos`


It began with the machines from America literally being shipped Around the World`


Countries from Australia to The Netherlands would make a home for these games and keep them alive and working to this very day`…some 60-years later`


  Japan and Taiwan would both embrace the games`…and a new vigorous life awaited these machines in Europe`


With the design and creation of these games moving abroad`


Italy, Spain, and Belgium`…have stepped-up and created a whole new Legacy and History for us to share`


Here is my Tribute to those efforts`… Simply Excellent`




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What is really Cool`…is the Networking going on`



Exporting / Importing`…this is truly an International Community










The Unknowns


The Shows and Expos


The Dead Zone / Dead Years