…There are a lot of Belgium games from the early years that have been modified from the original design`…given an overall, given an upgrade, and/or modified a new name

Maybe a new set of features – etc. Bingos that have a history that was never recorded. Bingos that do not have any name or logo on them to identify them`




I call those early years the The Dead Zone and The Dead Years`


If you know something about these games, please email me`…I want to capture this history while we have a chance to`





…Did G.A.A. make any Bingos


Miss 2000 Turbo

Pin Ball Green Park

Continental 2000

Miss Super Belgium

Magic Miss Turbo




Brodway - The Dead Zone

Golden Six II

The Classy Continental Playfield

Unknown New Continental Golden

Miss Americana

Continental Turbo - Unknown

Super Continental – Dead Zone or Years

Super King - Skittle Bingo Kit`

Golden Winner- Miss Bonus Kit

Miss Splin – Skittle Bingo

New Continental - 6-Card Export?

Mississippi-faimily of Bingos`

Magic Screen Kits

Diamond Continental II

Magic Screen Kits



Miss America 1986 - v1

Miss America 1986 - v2

Miss America 1986 - v3

Miss America Family

Miss America 1986 & Miss Golden

Miss America - v1




Multi Game - "Knock-off"

Miss Reno - "Knock-off"







Another thing that I do not think we know accurately, are the years the machines from Sirmo and Wimi were designed-and-released`


I simply do not believe the dates on Phil’s site and the IPDB for a lot of Bingos and there are a lot of games I know, that are from the early years that neither website has posted




~ Sirmo/Seebeen Bingos ~





Palm Beach Turbo

Miss Triple Belgium

New York

Golden Nugget Turbo

Six Cards Royal

Golden Games

Golden Continental Joker

Super Continental

Golden Continental Turbo

Golden Joker Turbo





~ Wimi Bingos ~



Miss MaDonna Golden Laser


Various “Miss" Games

Super Continental


Golden Six


Six Balls

Lucky Continental

G.M.I. President




…Please email if you know something about the early games`


Thank you`











Later I will add the various games list I have here on this page`


Maybe they can help verify when some of these games were released`















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