There are a lot of Bingo Pinballs from Europe that we do not know who designed them nor built them`


Who made these Bingos?


Which Company? _ Fabricant / Fabrikant? _ Distributeur?






It is really odd “weird” that for Sirmo and Wimi, both Phil and the IPDB have years-and-years missing in the 1980s  and 1990s


I think some of these Bingos below are from those years`…an early period where the business was still unstable and small companies were trying to compete and enter the markets`


I call these missing years the The Dead Zone / The Dead Years for the two Company’s`







Multi Game


Miss Reno

Continental 2000

Miss Super Belgium

Magic Miss Turbo




Golden Six II

Pin Ball Green Park

New Continental Golden

Miss Americana

Continental Turbo

Super Continental

Super King

Golden Winner

Miss Splin

New Continental

Mississippi Family

Magic Screen Kits

Diamond Continental II

Miss 2000 Turbo



Miss America 1986 - v1

Miss America 1986 - v2

Miss America 1986 - v3

Miss America Family

Miss America 1986 & Miss Golden

Miss America - v1



Did G.A.A. make any Bingos

The Classy Continental Playfield

Magic Screen Kits









~  Now here are games I do not know who designed nor built them from all over Europe  ~





_ Jungle Theme _

_ 6-Card Machines - Belgium_

_ Playfields _


Tiger Rag

MAXI Mundial

...a Mountain theme w/flippers


Super Six Card - v1

Big City (New York) Playfield

Jungle Queen

Super Six Card - v2

...a Ski theme w/flippers

Skill Bagatelle - "Skill Games LTD" ?

...a Surfing theme

_ 2-Card Machines _

Eigth Ball Deluxe

Provence Daytona

_ 7-card Machines _

Super Brain


Miss Marilyn Golden Turbo

El Dorado

Continental Classic

Golden Five

Lucky Continental

The Champ

Miss Dallas

Gold Rush

Continental Deluxe

_ 6-Card Machines – USA _

Europe 3

Continental 2000

Golden Florida


...a Desert theme

Mexico City

American Beauty

Ticker Tape 74





_ Miscellaneous  _

International Six Cards

_ Family - #2 _


Dedis Fun Machine

Crazy Beach

Monte Gordo

Miss Las Vegas

Golden Torch Turbo

Blue Night

Las Vegas

...a Off Road theme

Lucky Strike

Las Vegas Golden

Magique Hexagon

...a Flying Saucer theme

Mont Blanc

_ Family - #4 _

Montecalo Rallye

_ Family - #1 _

Golden Strike Turbo

_ Family - #3 _

Bingo Magic Star 2

Golden Sixties Turbo

Bingo Magic

Golden Cup

Carnival (Our Girl)

Star Flipp Evasion

_ Family - #5 _

_ Family - #6 _

Star Flipp

Progressive Bonus

Golden Florida






I hope we have a chance to identify these companies, the family’s/sets here might help`


Please email me it you know any of these Bingos


Thank you







Man, some of these are great Bingos






















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