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…a true friend to the Bingos, Mr. Gerald Coy ~


Gerald has been a wonderful Friend these last few years _ I very much hope we continue to hear from him!!



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Dec 28, 2012 - I love this email below where is clarifies some details on the bingos here in my “Unknown Bingos” area ~. From: Gerald (COY) gerald.coy@s


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Bingo Pinballs. This Page Last Updated 6-24-2010 _ Last updated 12-27-2012. Coy was kind enough to write in and share some history on this Bingo:.


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Dec 14, 2010 - Although said: A year later, after I made my observations, Coy writes in with some known history on this Bingo _ Now Coy is an expert on these ...


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Feb 25, 2012 - And now I am glad I did post this bingo because Coy just wrote in and gave us a bit of history: From: Gerald (COY) gerald.coy@s


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Aug 28, 2011 - Coy was kind enough to write in and help identify this Bingo: From: Gerald (COY) <gerald.coy@s> To: bingopinballs@y


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Bingo Pinballs. Created on 05-08-2014 _ Last update 06-05-2015. Coy wrote in on these bingos _ Thank you Sir!


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Jul 5, 2015 - It was odd timing, because Coy and I were writing back about these same machine _ All said-and-done: Jay decided to post the game on the ...


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May 29, 2010 - Gerald (COY). ~. I forgot to say that my machine and your machines were conversions from an older machine: Continental Magic Game (from ...


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Jun 29, 2010 - ~From Gerald(coy) and our friends at Kapaza~. ~ Larry L. was kind enough to write and identify this bingo as a Sirmo machine ~. Now Larry is ...


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Feb 7, 2015 - Well Gerald (Coy) has offered to help on this one, so I am excited and can't wait to get the whole story _ Stay Tuned!! From: "Bartok, Kristof" ...


Portland Passions - Bingo Pinballs -

Jul 14, 2010 - So I'll go ahead and reach out to Ivan & Gerald(coy) and see if they can help us understand this type of bingo's operation! ~ ...


Bingo Pinballs

Jun 15, 2015 - Coy copied me on this yesterday _ A Belgium website, like Craigslist. The game doesn't look like a spin or knock-off, it looks like an Original ...


Portland Passions

Jun 23, 2010 - TSCC's Continental Magic Game ~. ~ Gerald(coy) informed us that TSCC went out of business this year (2010) and this picture is dated 2005 ~.


Portland Passions - Bingo Pinballs -

Jun 12, 2010 - ... (most of the time). Sad news: this company has just stopped working by the end of last year or beginning of this year (2010). Gerald (COY). ~.





I have a bunch of other stuff from Coy, including some great notes on how to play the One Balls!!

You will find Uncle Coy’s influence all over my webpages`



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_ Gerald You Rock Mate _





Thank you!!