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Created on 09-28-2019



Who’s Who is proud to recognize Mr. Federico Croic`


When I first started searching the Internet for Bingo pinballs; naturally I was following the leads I had, Russ Jensen and

Dick Bueschel - etc, which eventually lead me overseas and to other experts like Mr. Croic`


Federico is very active in the Gaming Expos in Europe and in many Bingos have been present` Federico’s site has changed over

the years, but he has always made pages for each show with a set of pictures that has often included Bingos`


Tracing him over the years and the Italian language, has lead to other findings, which has also been Cool` Helping with the Hunt,

and helping build respect for the man who is a truly World Renown Pinball guru`


Well years later here, Federico is still very active and also a member of Bingo Butch’s Facebook site and it is a pleasure to still

see him out here, still active, and still full of surprises - Check out the Zaccaria (Italy) page I just posted and others below`


You will see him throughout my pages and if you ever have any questions on the European machines, definitely visit his website`


A very nice man, a wonderful resource, and a true friend of the Bingos`



Facebook September 2019`


federico croci.jpg


Courtesy Mr. Federico Croic`


Any guess anyone ??








Pinball Expo - "For Import Only"


(Federico Croci) Hello everyone, and thanks for being here. I'm Federico Croci (in the middle of the photo),

and together with David Marston (at the left of the ...


Nov 19, 2016 - I cruise the websites for the International Gaming Expos and noticed that Federico spotted

this bingo at the 2007 ENADA RIMINI Coin-op Show,.



Miss America 1986`


Now I know that there is some serious controversy around these Skittle games – I would love to know who kicked

these out. Enada1. _ Courtesy of Federico _.





These first photos are all courtesy of Mr. Federico Croce at TILT.IT. _ Great picture – Proud Daddy _.

_ Sweet _. Now yesterday I spotted these _ 2015. _ Check ...



Bingo Master


Federico is everywhere _ laugh _ Makes me a bit jealous!! Now I lost the “blurb” on this one, but

Mr. Croci references that it has a special game with random ...




Nov 3, 2016 - ... his is Legit,. How about that paint scheme, familiar? _ one for the Hunters _. _

spotted this Italian pin here in 2016 chasing Federico around_. - "The Queen Games"

Additional Queen Machine Article............................. Does She Or Doesn't She - By Federico Croci –

Bolonga, Italy - PinGame Journal #13 July 1992. A bingo or a ...



Miss America

Jun 28, 2010 - ... certainly Bally. ~ A clean looking Miss America that would do any gameroom proud –

I like that paint job! ~. Mr. Federico Croci's Original Post.



Album: ENADA ROMA 2003

May 12, 2015 - Federico Croci. ~.

Uno dei nuovi bingo, a norma di legge. Notare il ..



Books and Articles

Pinball Around The World by Federico Croci--Bally Beauty Contest, The Pinball Show '92. New game report:

 Gottlieb Super Mario Bros. Flyers printed: Gottlieb ...



Fun Cruise

Journal written by Italian pinball expert Federico Croci (with a picture of the game on the cover).

I hope this clears up some of your confusion about this game.



Bingo search sirmo is sirm

Sep 17, 2015 - On the back cover is a preview of the new Stern game, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and

Federico Croci's book “Pinball Machines for Italy.” You'll ...


His own book and just one of the many books, magazines, articles, websites, and write-ups he is so prominent in`





































stay tuned`