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Created on 11-27-2015 – Last update 02-21-2021


Please keep-an-eye-out for Jean-Francois P. from Canada on these Pages


JF is a Player, a Collector, and someone who openly Shares a common Interest in the Bingos!


“My Respects Sir”


To start getting to know him, please check out this Surf Club – Nice Work`


Surf Club - Addendum



JF first contacted me in 2015 and has continued to reach out and share some very Cool bingo-goodies with us`


Jean is the reason I made the section for all my Forums`…the Maaca entries are Excellent




JF is also the reason I have started up my “Bingos: Country-by-Country” section


His correspondence always reminds me, of just how many lives these games have touched!




Mr. P





…and yes, JF has a Collection, that I do not believe we have fully seen yet, laugh,



JF is full of surprises`…stay tuned`


 Show-Time Restoration




Thank you Buddy












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