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Created on 11-27-2015



 Kevin Musk is very active out here on the Internet following and sharing the Bingos,


It is my pleasure to be involved with him and share the games from the U.K.


Bluesection is a wonderful member of the Bingo Community` helping keep the games alive`


Thank you Kevin


Man! check out that Bingo he restored for his collection – Very Very Nice`




 Go ahead and reach out to Kev, he is a really nice man!




86706846_1384233681786410_3204405800248279040_o.jpgkevin musk collection.jpg








Later I will dig out all of my emails with him and post them _ they are definitely worth sharing!









I have a feeling that we will continue to hear from Kevin!







































…true-friend of the Bingos














Bluesection "Just can't Decide" - You?


 Bluesection is restoring a Bally Bikini


Bluesection Videos`...A Collection




Bluesection (Kev) Shares his Bikini