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DefaultRe: Anyone Else Here Into Pinball?

I have a 1960 Bally Bikini, it's the old gambling type 25 hole machines that were popular when I grew up. You have to feed 20 or 30 nickels into it to build up a good game. I wonder if anyone here remembers these.


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DefaultRe: Anyone Else Here Into Pinball?

We have a Bally's 8 Ball Deluxe machine...a wedding gift from my brother, I think it is an '82 model...My brother has at least 15 pinballs in his house that he buys/sells/plays...although lately he has been into the newer ones, like the sopranos, indiana jones (both of these are excellent), T2, T3, Addams Family...also has Dirty Harry, too many to remember all of them...they are fun.

Just had my 8 Ball Deluxe completely 'shopped' and it is working pretty damn good, and looking all the better. People love it.

Oh yeah, my other game is a regulation shuffleboard table, 22' long...still working on getting that in our new house..but we previously had it in a finished basement, we love it.




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