Bingo Pinballs

Created 05-15-2019




…and Bally heralds their latest arrival with the familiar fanfare they would use time-and-again`


“Catchy” words-and-phrase like Famous, New, and Earning Power`


Some might argue that the Market was set-and-guaranteed, but to me the Flyers always spoke of expansion-and-opportunity`


…and I think that the “OK” games speak to that`


…the “Red Letter” models always adding new levels to the game-play`


“New” the very embodiment of “Possible”


Players immersed in the lure of the Bingos` not only totally-caught-up in owning-the-moment…


…but more importantly, chasing what one might call Chance`






…Well the testimony for me is often simple, even after all these years, my buddy Spit owes just one Bingo`




…nuff said`





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