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Created on 09-09-2015


_ When Wayne wrote in for some help, he was kind enough to send in some great pictures of his Bingo _


……I will post the pics in my archive area……



……Thank you Sir _ Very Cool……




Danny Leach

Today at 8:38 PM

To Wayne


Hi Wayne, good to hear from you,


Thank you for the pictures _ Wow! That is a very good-looking Bingo _ Looks to be in great shape!

Pricing these things is always difficult _Really, timing has a lot to do with the sales price _ What city you are in, how is the economy, and/or if you find someone that really wants that specific machine and/or that flavor - 6-card - etc......


You do have a 6-card, which is nice, since so many players love those games...... You also have a relatively newer Bingo, which also helps _ being able to say it is in great mechanical and physical condition are two huge selling points.


If you had a programmer, the keys, and/or any documentation - The price also increases _ Obviously this is a Belgium game and that is going to make some buyers a bit leery _ "Hey that is a l lot of money for something I can't maintain" _ etc


If you are in a big city and/or a county with a large population, your odds of commanding a good price escalate.....


but these things are like cars, you ask for a lot more than you are willing to accept, and hope for the best,


you are going to be hard-pressed to get $2000, only the "never opened - still in the box" Bally machines have fetched those kind of dollars,


although said, a few "man I have to have that" buyers have paid those dollars for that "perfect game they use to play"


a $1000 is a reasonable expectation if you are in a good economy and large population, especially if you have the extra goodies for the machine - and "by keys" I refer to the keys with the epprom code in them,


a large pop helps, because it becomes a "local purchase" and people can pick it up near by and not have an additional shipping cost.


a box like yours _ I might ask for $1200 and get a feel of the "current interest in the game"


if someone offers you $xxxx, think about it...... do you like it and want to keep it - does that cover your expense and investment - etc,


Thank you again for the pictures, I really appreciate you taking the time to send them in!


Good Luck & Best Regards,




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From: WAYNE CARR <w.c>

Date: 9 September 2015 20:43:15 BST

To: "bingopinbals@”

Subject: Help re Continental One Ball

Reply-To: WAYNE <w.c>


Hi Danny


Been looking through your site, amazing amount of information.


Just picked up a TSCC Continental One Ball in full working order but struggling to find any kind of value on them.


Do you have any information have attached some pics may be useful for you to use as you wish ..