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Man, take a look at this site: I tell you that these Virtual Pinball Developers are just “Kick’n It” these days!!







From yamyam the programmer on July 30th, 2011


Hi All

Found this site recently from my love of pinballs and Bingo machines from my youth in the 70s
And what a super site you have here.
Couldn’t find many of the Bally Bingo machines in the FP section so i thought i would try to recreate a few myself.

Started with this one Beach Club.

Around 70% complete and my TO DO list is

* Finish Cab Graphics
* Complete script for win lines
* Write extra ball routine

Problems to solve.

* Balls sticking together when over kicker hole.
* If its Possible to remove Flipper buttons on side of cab, (not required in bingo pinballs.)

Do i need to ask these questions in a separate thread? blush.gif

Here are a few screenshots of where i am at the moment.













Just Awesome!!































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