Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-08-2018


Well, this one clearly Rates`


Ultra Seven is technology at its Finest`


Years-and-years of design and experiment culminating in machine worthy of Gracing any Gameroom, Pub, or Café




Completely expandable programming housed in a simple but Elegant cabinet – Sleek and Efficient`


Well, just how successful is She`


Would you….?





Wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune is well known with bingo players.
The game is a classic game with some innovative changes.

Open the safe

Open the safe is a variation on the game “Deal or No Deal”.
When you’re able to crack the safe, you can win up to 80 times your stake.

Color Ball

In this unique multi ball game you can win by playing the correct color combinations.
When you’re lucky to play the magenta color, you can even double your prize.

Euro One Ball Deluxe

Euro One Ball Deluxe is the only game with six cards. 
This game is extremely popular. The modern look and feel is also present in this game.

Triple Fortune

Triple Fortune, a variant of Wheel Of Fortune, is the most popular game on the Ultra Seven.



















…and add a new game whenever you want or need to`





Napoleon's Game

Napoleon’s Game is the newest game on the Ultra Seven. 
The game has been developed in collaboration with Napoleon Games and is a very popular game with bingo players.




















Troy, Mike, and the guys are all on the right Track`


Designing Bingos that can be programmed with any backglass, playfield, configuration, and/or Special Game you want to`


The “motive” is in place and there, now they just need to connect-up with the proper .TFT technology to dial it all in,


Yes, a Resurgence Awaiting`







If Nick or one of these guys nail this down – I’ll start buying these things


Start buying new machines`


Fuck`the Poker and Slot Machines, this is where the action is`











































































































































Stay tuned,