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OK, it looks like Larry and Kris copied me on parts of their emails`


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Read chapter 4, programme chart and Notes below chart...Page 65 of pdf shows condition of service box and bingo switches to preform actions...if you have eeror codes the chart for those are on pages 41 thru 48...this should help you your bingo to the listing for Euro Con. to see if they are the check, look-up yellow roll-over on chart and display on backglass D46= ee15...(yellow switch stuck for more than 20 sec.)....go down to D52= EOEO...alarm/key is now off...if D51 =E1E1 key is armed and bingo will not start...hope this helps...Troll




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Hi Larry,

Didn't make pics yet, because I wanted the bingo to work first. Unfortunately it didn't work out. The rollovers don't stop the post, removing the memory chip caused a EE71 and thereafter a EE13 stopping the post. But I can not clear any of these errors, so I'm stuck again with the EB02 I contacted Ivan, but asking if he could sell a EK to me, or if it was possible to make one, but his answer was negative ... He wants to unlock it for me, of course, but then I know some time I will be stuck again and will have to contact him again.
So I will first try some more things with the service box, although I don't know what yet Tips are welcome ;)



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I would like pictures if only to pass them on to Danny Leach...By forcing into other code that stops the post routine and with a service box you can walk thru program and disable (shut off alarms)key system...Most of the Wimi bingos are set-up the same so using info from the posted manuals on "Bingo pinball" site you can figure out how to make it work....Use euro star continental and the Miss bingo turbo info on programming and the "chart" in the manual...Good luck and please report any findings to either Danny or me...Thanks you meet Ivan take pictures and interview him...He has been a great help to me...

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I have a royal skittle 2-card Inside i can stille see components labeled "miss bowling golden" though I could send pictures if you like
I already tried the rollover method to unlock it (using a service box from somebody else, but it didn' work and the person left taking the box with him) It seems that in this version of the software eb02 has priority above other codes, but I found out I can force ee71 and ee13, so i would like to try using these codes instead of the rollover error Do you know if it would be possible to buy or make an electronic key with the help of Ivan ?

Hmm 40 euro is not that much, you can hardly build one yourself for that price


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What kind of Wimi bingo do you have?...I like the fact that most Wimi bingos MPU (motherboard) have sockets for componet replacement...Ivan is very helpful and knows programmers from Wimi....I have a euro-star continental and a green diamond..(both 6-card) but would like to get a two card (Miss Bowling turbo type) Wimi...I have two Sirmo 2 card bingos..both Miss Americana Triple Bonus

...Ivan sold me the first Wimi service box for 40.00 euros about 5 years ago...

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Thanks Larry,
I live in Belgium, so maybe I should contact Ivan On the other hand, I'm not sure if he would be willing to help people located in Belgium, as he is earning money fixing these machines of course But if I can't repair it myself I can always have it repaired by him I suppose Anyway, many thanks for your fast reply !



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nothing needs to be done, just build as drawn...Kris, where are you located? I am in the middle of the USA in Guthrie Oklahoma....Reason I ask is I am free to travel and I can show you how things work rather than trying describing them...I can send you a box to copy as I made extras while testing and fabricating....Ivan in Belgium sent me the first test box and I copied it....Thanks Larry

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Subject: service box

Dear Larry, I found your scheme for building a service box for a wimi bingo. But I’m wondering which voltage will be put on the leds ? So do I need to put a resistance in series with the leds ?

Kind regards

Kris Verhaegen


When I made this wepage I tried to include (4) links but they are dead now, here in 2021

_ Thanks Troll _ Very Cool _


I assume that “Page 65” that Larry refers to is in the manual`

….Euro Continental Star Manual


One of the busted links here`



There is some really great stuff here – Wow`


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