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I will miss AltavistaFrance where I first spotted this game searching for Flipper Bingo


This one has a few comments posted at




~ The Seeben exports used that same type circle for their logo!! ~


But, Sirmo never put any flippers on their machines, so unless a miracle happens, we will never know who made thesse!




Late this summer, I received the Coolest email:


From: Andrea Cecere <cecere.andrea>
To: bingopinballs
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 11:10 AM
Subject: some info


Hi there, it's the first time that I take contact with such a site...


Compliments, it's a very nice idea that you have made a huge internet web site just for this lovely game / machine.


I'm Andrea, I'm 28 years old from southern italy...


I'm writing you cause I was fascinated by your site and have seen that you are looking for some info, photo or curiosity about bingo pinballs.


I do find those machines, the best bar game ever!


Since I was 16 I started going out with friends and in my town as in more place in the southern of Italy we have this cozy place where all young ppl meets.

It's not a proper bar, we call it sala giochi, literally "room for game", and here it's were I met this fantastic game at first!


Putting in the coin, buy the tables, shooting the first ball while hearing the noise of it rolling against the barriers, bouncing on a step, crossing fingers for get the magical number for double the price....

All of these were beautiful sensations!


Unfortunately in my stupid country, this as many other lovely recreations are forbidden.

The gvt said that was a gamble cause of the possibility of money winning...


Just a couple of years ago, finally a sentence by the law court, made those game legal again, but it was too late for the machine that for the time were seized and destroyed.


LUCKLY last month, I came into one of those sala giochi and surprise surprise, I found 4 of those machines and 2 of them are perfectly working even if with a broken glass and a super sensitive tilt :P


3 of thoose machine are the classical "Medieval Bingo" and one of them it's different and unfortunately out of order, but it's unbelievable that after so many years they survived and they are keep on making people happy or completely mad at them in the same room :)


If you are interested in have some news, curiosity, fotos, videos or whatever concerning them , please just send me a mail and I will be super happy to help you in pulling back those machine out of the oblivion.


Kind Regards


Andrea Cecere



_ Andrea Rocks! _





Hey Danny,

I am so surprised you answered back so quickly...

First of all I want to apologize for my grammar, I can see I made many mistakes but fortunately u understood all I said.
This is cause I learned english while I was abroad for work... I lived 5 years in the Netherlands and there I learned english, spanish and a bit of dutch.
Weird right?

I am really happy you liked my email, I wrote it because I've seen the same passion I have for those games in your site.

Just after I wrote you yesterday, I went to the bar for make a couple of games and guess what? I made my new personal record, and I think this time I wont beat it.

I throw 2euro (40 points) - (2.22 USD) in the Medieval and start a normal game (12 points) after 2 games I was really short cause I didn’t make even a 3x but just with the last ball (as u know u have 5 balls and u can buy 3 extra) I made a lovely 4x line and since that moment I knew I was going to win.
Keeping on playing I reached 80 points and then I started playing as double price (after you buy the 6 tables, the magical number and the superlines, u can decide to double the post hitting the yellow button x2 till a maximum of x10) and then the magic happened, I easily reached 200 points (10 euros) and so I started playing x3.
Usually I don’t play so high because I don’t like the idea that I loose all for a tilt but this time I went crazy and it paid me back...
I bought the 6 tables and x3 games with the magical number 22 and as first number I get the 24 :( so I thought it was going to be a shitty game, but the the second ball and the third ball went on 7 and 18 I shoot at the 4th and I hit the 19 to gain a 4x line and at this point I've seen I had miss only the 22 for the 5x line (300 points x 2 cause 22 was the magical)... suspense... suspense... throw the ball and hit 22 BOOOM

I heard the machine doing a weird noise... tururu, tururu, trrrruuuu. I've got in once 600 points and then the machine started the classical sound of victory prizen!

I keep on playing a bit more because I wanted just have some fun, I dont do it for the money, and after 3 or for games I lost till arriving to 599 points so I did the last game and loose again :P I throw a 2 euro coin and reached 627 points, played last game and loose it again and then I decided that was enough.

(now there is the bad part)
I went to call the boss for ask him to download my points and when he came he was very disappointed to see such a score, so as a good italian he is, he starting arguing that the machine was not good and had some problems and was not allowed to play and thoose kind of bullshit and I realize I was not going to have my money :P and for don’t start a fight I rolled up my joint, I took a beer and I said that I leave my money to him cause I was already a god reaching that score and a god doesnt need a price for feeling good; I had already my fotos :) :) :)

He seems to feel dirty for what he did, but nothing changed, he went to the machine, download the price by pushing the button in the left under side of the machine, I looked at the display changing from 600 to 30 euro (which was the amount of money I won) and then he switched off the machine with the on/off button in the right underside of the machine) and for me was good like that, I said to him: "no need money price if you made your own personal (and maybe the whole bar) record!!!

Well, that's the history till now, I think I wont go there anymore cause I don’t like pussies ppl acting like a 2 years old kid but still, I have my story to tell you and my record and my fotos to prove it.

I didnt figured out who made the machine (medieval) but the distribution here in the south of italy near naples everything it's done by mafia, so I think they are the distributors and the owners too :P

 Anyway, the other machine it's called Diamond and it's belgian but everything on it it's written in italian.

I'm looking for a new place where play a bit but dunno if i ll find something else, for now, I send You some fotos I took just yesterday night during my perfect game and hope you'll like them.

I'm sorry for the super long letter but I wanted to share this episode with you and also sorry for the foto, in one of them there is also my beer bottle on the bingo :) It looks cool :)

Hoping to read from you soon, I attach the fotos and say goodbye!




_ Sweet _







Thank you Andrea _ Very Cool,







What the heck, one more set of photos I guess:













Well, I wonder?





One day we’ll know cuz I won’t give up !







































_ So who knows _ Just another Italian Bingo right?


 _ Smile _



That is simply great color graphics and art _ Wow!