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As far as I know, all of the United reflex units were identical with the Bally with the exception of the

wiper itself, but this needs to be verified. Untied’s use of the reflex was influenced and a “direct rip off”

off Bally technology _ United was directed (forced) to use the reflex _ Period! _ A wonderful testimony

to how “critically important” this device was to ensuring the earning power of the bingos for the owners.










Caravan _ Courtesy Phil Hooper _ Bottom Left










Phil’s drawing of the United Caravan Reflex (Verified same as the Hawaii)


















Now here is a drawing out of the “operators notebook” Keith Nickalo purchased:










So how does this translate to an actual bingo??


Well this is going to be a tough one to answer and we will need a bit of research from a United owner.

Bally’s reflex was a patented design and as far as I know, it was never shown in the United manuals or

on any of their schematics _ Hmmm.


Now one thing United did do, was have an “adj switch” for the reflex like the switches they had for their

mixers – etc. What is a bit odd, is that they showed this on their schematics and it looks like a bit of the

wiring is not shown??


8 contacts and 3 wires _ This should be easy enough to verify!


Caravan Schematic (C,3)


Hmmmm _ I’ll ask Keith to poke around one of his Uniteds, snap some pics, and provide some insight.


Kind of interesting that the “operators notes” reference A,B,C,D (and E) that kind of correspond to the

“adj switches” nomenclature _ I assume the U and D refer to the Up/Down reflex operation.


The real questions are “Can you use this detail” to adjust the reflex control in your Bally?


and, “do you have to disconnect the wires on the United to use the adjustment switch”






(or does the switch work independently)



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