Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-21-2015 – Last Update 11-05-2017


ok, Now let’s toss in the “United-Factor”


1992` someone is “spinning” the old machines, trying to “tap” the Bingo Pinball Market,



Those two Bingos above are the exact same machines, cabinets, playfields – etc,




Here are two more, smile,


…and a third,




Sirmo Miss America Supreme playfields, what we see on all of these Fever machines…




Someone in Belgium was making some really neat games here!


…and “just maybe” ushering in a new standard, a New Era, one of Playfield Scoring,


…a very-trick feature still being set in the Bingos today,


“It started somewhere” Not only the backglass paying off, but the playfield also having it own scoring,




Now check out the name “United” closely, an “IT” game – I like it!



The “It-Girls”


Check out that company-logo by the “U”


Subito ? _ Straight Away in Italian – Hmmm!


Was that the Market,


Spin the MAS Bingos and send them down into Italy!






























Note: The one ad I have on these is in French,
















Stay tuned,