Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-27-2010 - Last Update 12-31-2015


United of all the manufacturers really stepped-up in helping the players learn the games!


Their manuals and player score cards are just a bit more “straight-forward & purposeful”


…a little more kind and useful in helping to layout the features and advancing odds!


The other Bingo-Houses could learn a real lesson here!


_ For example Tahiti _



OK, with a decent manual and set of score cards, you had a chance to do a bit of homework before you actually played the game and lost your nickels!




Pop open your manual, read a bit, check out the Score Cards, and then get busy learning the machine!


Pump in 8 nickels, are you in that 3rd-Tier of Advancing Odds, looking at a break-even return of 8 nickels with a possible $5 bucks reward?


Hell, the first nickel gives you the Selection Feature,


3-in-Line on a Super Card scores 4-in-Line (100 for $5 Bucks) _  For sure you profit on a 2-ball win!


- etc -


~ You don’t have to count-on or even worry about Extra Balls, they’re a separate feature and only increase your odds on this Gal ~


_ play around, where is your skill strength and weakness _


If you got the right gift! – 25 cents on this Gal can easily scoop $5 – Man, that’s dinner out with your Girl in 1956!


It’s even better than that, here “a nickel” sets you up for $1.50 with a 3-in-Line!


_ Hell, that’s five Cocktails in 56’ _












Tahiti is one of Uniteds best Bingos!












Man, this is My Era – I want one!





















































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