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Man, if you have one of these bingos it would be Awesome – So far, it seems like the world just swallowed them up – We have been looking for +10-years and have never been able to find a photo – If you have a 3-4-5, please take some pictures and help us capture this history.


Billboard Aug 25th, 1951


July 21st, 1951 – Indianapolis Coin-News – Billboards first mention of 3-4-5


July 28th, 1951




Aug 4th, 1951 – Chicago New


Apr 5th, 1952 – California New or Used


May 3rd, 1952 – Ohio Used


May 15th, 1952 – Chicago Reconditioned Bingos




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~ United Bingo Pinballs – On the hunt for the very rare 3-4-5 ~