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Some of the main laws cracking down on the Bingos were legislation about restricting Interstate Transport of the games`

The squeeze was on; the Federal Government was limiting access to the source ~ Chicago, Illinois`


It was no longer easy to buy new machines and many Owner/Operators found themselves at a crossroads`

 The only way to maintain some of the Routes was to start servicing the machines, start repairing the broken Bingos`


But access to repair parts was limited too ~ Restricted shipping-and-receiving ~ Chicago was no longer a simple phone call away`


Well how do you get spare parts out to support this new demand, how do you skirt around these transportation laws`

Well eventually Bally got tricky and went underground and started releasing a few “regular pinball” machines with

similar modules ~ Inexpensive throw-aways you could cannibalize and/or order parts for - etc`


…naturally Twin Joker was one such machine`


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There was an article in a recent Gameroom magazine about this. Evidently (they think) made by Bally to be able to legally ship

bingo parts to states where bingo games were illegal. If interested I can dig up the article.


- Carl







…I didn’t know about this Gameroom article, I will find it and post it for us - I am very curious as to the author`