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Sometime in the late 90s`this series of Bingo Pinballs were released that Wow`they have a TSCC logo,


The “first ever” appearance of the company TSCC to the general public and onto the Bingos`and you have to frame that a bit to

Understand how significant that is: These guys date all the way back, in fact, TSCC likely designed a great number of the very earliest

of the Belgium Bingos – While others like G.A.A were merely the distributors… So, huge`


Continental, Continental One Ball, Continental Lucky 7, Continental Super 7


`Continental Magic Game`




Not too long ago, Gerald shared with us that TSCC went out of business in 2010,


Well this bingo pinball is dated just a little bit before that, smile…


…that picture below of “a bank of three” is listed in my files as 2005`


But that is just part of a Story that surly leads back decades…


…if the rumors are true, TSCC started it all – Including finishing out the Bally Continentals`


So at best, smile, we only have bits-and-pieces of another Bingo legacy that kicked off generations of machines…


..and companies across-the-pond


So let’s get started`


TSCC’s Continental and Continental One Ball both had the Magic Game feature center-screen, but this Magic Game makes the feature

a bit more prominent by stripping out the One Ball feature and windows altogether and dedicating them to the Magic Game.


I like the sound of that, as soon as I can figure it all out, I’ll update this post`



Nice Write-up`


This is the Continental Magic Game Bingo, by TSCC in 1991. Although the game reminds a flipper pinball, it's a completely different game. I made this video to demonstrate its gameplay. Bingos usually have more buttons in the lockdown bar than flipper pinballs, that usually have only one for some special feature. This one has number buttons for statistics and one to set the stake on the right. There's also an extra ball and start buttons on the coin door. Unlike flipper pinball, you can spend a lot more credits in one game. You could play a game with just one credit, but to get all the cards and see all the game's features, you have to use over 10 credits. First we set the stake, this machine is set for Euro cents. I select 5 cent stake. The first start button push gives me one card. Another push gives me the second and so forth until the 6th card. 7th push gives the red diagonal lines for the cards 1 to 3. The next does the same for the rest of the cards. Then we get double score for one of the top row cards. And the next one does the same for lower row. The next feature doubles the score if you hit the lit magic number here. Next one adds prizes for landing 3, 4 or 5 balls next to each other in the playfield.


And the last is the name game, the "magic game", where one of the cards will be "magic", and in that card the golden numbers will give you these scores. At this point we've bought all the features, but we can wager more to increase the payout. Now we have the largest winnings possible. At this point the we have wasted 390 credits, which is 3,90 euro! Five. Four. The game is now suggesting two winning shots. As we can win with having 3 balls next to eachother, the machine is suggesting 3 and 6. I still have 3 balls left. Twenty-four. Twenty-three. Ten. There was atleast one 3-in-line. And nothing else. Now I can buy an extra ball for 497 credits. And there's possibility for 4-in-line, which gives 600 credits. Let's give it a try. Nine. 120 credits for 3-in-line. But nothing else. The next extra ball is 939 credits... The maximum win is 9000 credits for 5 in a line, let's give it a try. I can't get 5 in a row with this ball. It went all the way down and I can shoot it again. Another freebie. Obviously it doesn't want to stay! Nineteen. That's a 4 in line. The next extra ball goes for 2130. Let it roll! Got one 3 in line. And nothing else. At this point the extra balls are so expensive, that there's no point continuing this round. So I press Start once and the game returns to attraction mode. Let's play another round. This time I got a bonus mode. 4 corners gives a 5 in line. Twenty. I notice one 3 in line, so I've already won something. Twenty-four. Let's try that again. Two. That was the fifth ball, so it paid out the 3 line line I got earlier. Extra all is 238 credits. I'll take it. Seventeen. Got two 3 in lines. The next one goes for 2000 credits. There's 9000 credits to be won if I'd hit 16. The card number 6 has the jackpot! I'll try my luck. No, not there! It's still about the same price, so I'll continue. 3rd extra ball. This machine has 10 balls, so you can buy the maximum of 5 extra balls. Towards the end they become so expensive they're not worth it. One. That gave me 3 in line. I'll give the 5 in line another try. Oh, I guess we won't! We're now so poor we can't afford it any more! I guess I need to admit my defeat and return to the attraction mode.


I was pleasantly surprised this month (March 2011) when Mr. Ari Sovijärvi kindly wrote in asking if I could help provide a manual for his new

Continental Magic Game. Ari is the first person we have met with one of these and he has done an excellent job of sharing it with the world.

Not only has Ari posted some great videos of this bingo, but he also found and provided the manual.


My most Sincere thanks goes out to Ari and he gets my greatest complement,


 You Rock Brother!


Thank you,




Hi Ari,
Please clarify your email below for me, where you say "I've now examined both machines I own, and they behave the exactly same way."

Are you saying that you "have two Continental Magic Game" bingos"? Thank you......

Yes, I have two of them. They're both from a Swedish pinball hobbyist, who apparently died and his collection was sold to various operators and other hobbyists. A Finnish operator bought some of those games, and these two Magic Games were part of the deal. In Finland no one knew what these were, they were sold as "pinball machines", which they essentially are, but not flipper pinball, which is the only kind of pinball we have.

The games were for sale for some time, until I stepped in and bought them both. The other was supposed to be a parts machine, but the better one didn't need anything, so the other one is pretty much as-is at the moment.

Unlike the first machine, the second has some playfield wear and the cabinet has seen some action on location, but AFAIK it's still fully functional. At least the backbox booted into the same "bad battery"-state as the first one. I have no room to put it together to try it out. It's also missing the 8mm thick laminated playfield glass, all of its balls and the shooter. Yet, it's way too good to be scrapped, I've restored flipper pinball machines in way worse condition.

Oh by the way, I've finally figured out the "magic game". It's about the 5 "golden" numbers in each card and it's enabled at the 13th credit. It'll randomly select one of the card, where 2, 3 and 4 of the "magic numbers" will give the score shown in the magic game displays. After the 13th credit, you can double the magic game values 4 times by pressing the extra ball buttons before launching the 1st ball.

I've received several requests for a Youtube video demonstrating this game's features and I'll try to shoot it ASAP.

-- Ari Sovijärvi


3 continenetal magic games



Great news! First of all, I found the manual. It took me some digging, but I finally found a contact that had a copy. Having the manual helped a great deal! I learned all the memory addresses I could hack and I finally got the machine to boot into attraction mode. It's now 100% playable.

Here's are some videos I've made (they all have subtitles in english):

Now I just need to clean it up, get new set of balls and it's ready to go!
Oh, and I'll be dumping its ROM the next time I get a ROM programmer. I have the somewhat rare export-rom which has no operator lock or any other annoying misfeatures :)

-- Ari Sovijärvi


Cropped Continental Magic Game BG


The last of the videos (the one where I actually play the game for the first time) is still being processed, but it should be online any moment now.

As to the manual: I already have it scanned. It's attached to this mail. I'll also be dumping the machine's ROM; there are two versions of it, locked one that requires the operator specific hardware key, and unlocked version for export models. That ROM will make locked games playable without the key.

There has to be someone out there with the same machine, as my personal pages are getting lots of search engine hits ever since I added this machine's repair diary there. Feel free to put the manual publicly available if you like.

Oh, and thank you for your site, it was pretty much the only page on the internet I could find that had at least some info on TSCC and their machines. I also added the machine to IPDB, here:

-- Ari Sovijärvi





Glad to hear you're still on the case :)

So far I've found out that the machine is pretty much in working order, but either lacks the part of the software or some kind of a configuration.

I've now examined both machines I own, and they behave the exactly same way. The machine seems to keep all values I enter when it's in 'configuration mode', but entering totally random stuff at random addresses causes somewhat interesting things - I can activate the ball release motor, make lights blink and so forth, so it got me thinking: could the actual game program be in RAM, while the interpreter/operating system is on the ROM? As the entered values cause the very same thing to happen every time, it's starting to look like I'm actually poking the game program area itself and not just some settings.

All this is still just speculation, until I find someone who has actually worked with these things. It's just that pretty much all Belgia seems to be brickwalling me - people I've located tend not to answer e-mails.

I'm looking forward for the first test game on the machine. But until then, I'm working on my WMS Big Guns.


-- Ari Sovijärvi





I recently acquired TCSS Continental magic game, and I'm trying to bring it back to life. With no prior contact with solid state Bingos and no documentation, I'm having a bit trouble trying to decipher the error codes I get when the machine boots. Do you happen to have any further information on this machine, or any pointers on where to look for a manual?


-- Ari Sovijärvi





Very Cool _ Ari’s first bingo and thanks to a bit of effort and the Internet, he is up and running and we have the first manual available for the TSCC games. Notice Ari’s comment on how “Belgium” protects these manuals _ How many times have we heard that!! _ So this is a very very lucky find _ Enjoy!!


Continental Magic Game Documentation:


Continental Magic Games.doc

MG 4125 libero.doc

Tabella 4125.doc








Here is a link to Ari’s Continental Magic Game webpage converted into English _ I hope it is close:


Ari Sovijarvi's TSCC Continental Magic





A Follow-up from Ari:


Ari Sovijärvi recently wrote to me and asked if I could help him get a set of schematics for the TSCC he just received and I explained to him Gerald’s comments on “how rare the documents are for these games” (best we know as of this date they are non-existent) and to help us cross-reference the boards, I asked for a little more detail:


“I added the machine to IPDB and uploaded some pictures there.

”I noticed there are several GAA games with the exact same playfield, or at least one very close to this.”

”The game had one ROM, labeled "MIN XX1 7015".”

”I also found these numbers in PCBs: TSCC 86 12 01-1, TSCC 91 03 20, TSCC 86 12 03”

”Attached you'll find couple of pictures of the CPU board. When I got the machine and tried turning it on, it sounded like a fire alarm!”

”Here's a video. I speak Finnish, but there's closed captions.

”I've been restoring pinball machines for the past 11 years now, so first I looked for the old adversary - leaking batteries. I found a 3.6V battery on the CPU board and replaced it with a battery holder with 3 AA batteries and a diode. After that the machine booted further and went through some kind of an initialization. Saw lots of numbers that looked like memory addresses and their content. After that the game halted, saying "E200". This time however the operator buttons worked. One switch switched between what seemed like attraction mode and audits menu. I could move in the menu and reset the audits, but couldn't figure out how to properly reset this thing. With the operator switch set to attraction mode, I can select a memory address with the buttons 1 to 4. The game uses one row of lights to display 8 bits at a time. What this information is, I have no clue. The game seems to be in its senses - for example the ball lift homes during the reboot, but it just won't enter attraction mode.”

”I know many American slot machines need special "clear" and "set"-roms for the RAM initialization, I wonder if something like that would also be needed in this case? Then again if there are some initialization step to be taken, maybe a GAA game manual would shed some light on this.”



Image 3









Adding in the images and detail from the old Photo Archive – 2020`
































image014.jpg image015.jpg







Misc 2020`





Now there is a good-look at the most obvious difference between Magic Game and the other Bingos`

The addition of those Rollovers on the right, right above Playfield Scores`


Playfield Scores is where if you get a in-line hit on the playfield – get 3, 4, or 5 In-Line – You Win`- Maybe win Big`


So the Rollovers on the playfield don’t seem to be different than the rest of the series, so why did they add them as prominent features`

Maybe we would have to see a manual and/or the Score Cards to know – What is unique, new, or special about the Rollovers here?



Yes`part of the confusion of trying to understand the companies in Belgium – Here in the States, you know if a game was from Bally or United`

In Belgium things are not so clear, Marketing/Sales/Distribution exist and overlap – Who actually designed and manufactured the bingos is harder to tell`




Coinop411 Auction – December 2011`




TSCC Continental Magic Game bingo

Flipperin serkku, Bingo Pinball on käytännössä suomalaisille tuntematon kone. Keskieuroopassa ja osassa USA:ta se on kuitenkin vakavasti otettava uhkapelikone. Itse tutustuin lajiin joskus 90-luvun alussa Espanjassa ja vaikka en ehkä flipperiharrastusta bingoiluun vaihtaisikaan, oli selvää että pachinkon ja pajatson lisäksi myös tämä pelin variaatio päätyisi kokoelmaani.





These looks to be several videos out these – I bet I have them`






The IPDB – January 10, 2020`











































_ To Do List _


1)   Find which videos were sent to me and post them

2)   Try and figure out what order the games in this series were released

3)   Point to the Epproms out there