Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-22-2010 _ Last Update 6-04-2016


When I first wrote this page, I hoped that the list of TSCC Bingos would grow and it slowly has _ Coy has been helping and a picture is starting to emerge, that will one day hopefully reveal just how much of the Belgium history is tied to these guys _ Rumor has it, that there is a good chance that these guys made most of the earlier games _ That maybe Wimi and Sirmo started out as “distributors only” _ Hmmm, surely a story is there waiting to be told!



With this carrying the single-title Continental – I am betting this is their first and base-model offering!


Maybe one of the earliest Maxi Score games, I am still trying to trace all of that out.


_ I really like the scripted TSCC logo they place under the first card, Way Cool _


I wonder if the TSCC feature is tied to the five-clustered yellow numbers on each card



At first I though that Ball-Shooter Bezel was plastic, but Gerald quickly corrected me _ Also notice it’s without the Manual-Lift Button


– Gerald mentioned that these TSCC are the only bingos set-up like this! ~



Check out the bingo next to the Continental – Smile!












_ From Francesco in Italy – 2016 _











































Now that I know what to look for – Hopefully I will continue to discover more of these TSCC Bingos


~ At least find more pictures and game detail ~























_ Stay Tuned _