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_ Here is a couple little tricks Keith inadvertently shared to loosen up a Bingo _


……He did it for his father, you might as well join the party!!……


From: Keith Nickalo <knickelson67@>

Subject: Re: ebay

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Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 10:54 PM


My dad plays poker at his house every other Thursday.  His old buddies come over early, some of them two hours early, to play his bingos.  He has a Lido that I bridged the trough switches and zeroed out the reflex on.  So you can get the OK game to light within ten replays and then of course you get all eight balls every game.  They win and win on it.  They like to say how many credits they won each night.  I don't say anything but all eight balls makes it much much easier.


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