Created on 10-31-2014


TipsíníTricks: Keith emailed in 2010 with this great little Tidbit on the 20-Hole bingos:


The Mystic Gate really wasn't that bad of game if you were truly gambling.  The gate would let you skip the whole first row.  So you didn't have to worry about six of the 20 numbers.  Not only that, the rebounder that the ball hit when the gate was up would bounce a ball right into one of the holes.  So if you needed a seven, it was all but a gimme.  I bet I could hit that seven 9 out of 10 tries.  If you used the little hash marks at the shooter you could increase your chances at hitting some of the other second row numbers considerably.

I guess just that fact that bally would give you a number was fairly unique to this game.  Sort of like spotting a number I suppose but you still had to shoot it.

If you got a Tahiti or a Mystic Gate or even a Bonanza and you want to make them easier to win, add another ball.  If you like to win a lot put in two more balls.  Everything works properly except that the timer get confused and everything is moved back.

If you added one extra ball then press before 5th becomes press after fifth.  Add two balls and it becomes press after sixth.

I got a cousin who put in eight balls in a Tahiti and a Dixieland.  I think he has a fetish for the replay meter step up noise. 



Tahiti Inside Backbox