Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-15-2015


 Well Gerald sent this one in and for the life-of-me, I cannot find his email _ Sorry folks!


In his email Coy asked me “if I thought this might be an electronic-game” _ Meaning a solid-state Bingo _ Hmmm!








  Well, someone once told me “that you could tell the solid-state games by the replay meters” _ That they would be newer digital-jobs – right!


…and from my experience on the Modified-American-Bingos, they almost always add in a paper-bill-collector – dollar bill acceptor _


Although said, that is also not some simple make-over job either _ Where they used fake wood paneling to cover the cabinet – Take a look at the wood-railing around the backglass, that’s very nice molding!!






















Ticker Tape - A "Wall Street" Bingo

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