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Created on 01-27-2016



_ This one really made me smile, what a wonderful email to start off the New Year! _



From: Dan in tn.

To: Danny Leach

Sent: Friday, January 8, 2016 7:20 PM

Subject Bingos


Hello Danny,


These are a few pictures of Memphis back in the seventies when  TGI Fridays moved into town, which was one of the first in the country.  The bingo machines were far away from the bar and the barkeep, so they took a severe beating back then. In the seventies there were many bingo games around the city.  I  use to play the bingo games in a bar called Across The Tracks, which was across the tracks from Memphis State University, and the games were also far from the  bar and its keeper. I hate to admit it but I put some punishment on those machines myself. Owning a Bally bingo machine now, I can not imagine treating my machine like I treated those. One particular machine, I could take off my hightop B-Ball shoe and smack the handrail just to the right of where you put the quarter in and it would spit out an extra ball.  Its pretty hard to lose with eight balls every game. My friend and I keep this on the down low for the entire summer of 1977 till the joint finally figured it out. It was like we had our own  ATM that we had to play to get our money out. I would like to figure out why the machine would do that, but frankly back then I did not  give a damn.                          


 In the picture is one of the Miss America machines that I grew up on and honed my skills on. The Miss 75 had no red-letter game which made it  harder. My friend and I would double-team the game, meaning we would take turns playing the balls, which would even out as I would start the game, he would play the second, by the fifth ball we would decide on who would play that ball depending on each others skills of hitting particular numbers. The next game he would start the game. It was all a little give and take but we pooled our money throughout the day or night so we both were Winners or we were both Losers. We are still very good friends but we did get into a few arguments about that Double-or-Nothing  button on the Miss 75.Takes a lot of guts to D/N a four in a row with your color is pegged all the way.                   


I have shown my bingo game and how to play it to many younger people in my family who have never seen one, and it fascinates them but they do not get the real feeling of actually having real money on the line. Even now I get that feeling but then I remember I will just be paying myself        ,                                             Well it was fun to reminisce about the old days, I will let you go


talk to you later,


























You Rock Brother – Thank you Dan!

































-- Tennessee --
























……In one email, Dan told me “be patient, they are out there” _ the Bingos _ smile……