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In 2003 after a few too many beers – I made a post on google-groups that was titled something along the lines of” “Bingo Pinballs “Suck” – Are you with me?” and I got more than a few replies…….laugh………


“Can these things really even be considered pinballs? I dang sure don't see any flippers. Besides nobody in the world can work on these things, they’re basically impossible to fix. What is the point really? Christ! My grandma plays bingo, it's a game for old women. Have you tried to lift one, they only weigh 400,000 pounds, what's with that? How bout it you pinheads, are you with me....... Well are ya punk?”


~ Here are just few ~


Ned Ledod


Bingos are still being operated in the St.Louis area at a nickel a pop and bring in enough money to support at least three families comfortably. Within a 10 mile radius of my home I can play a "County Fair", "Beach Time", "Miss America", "Bikini", "Laguna Beach", and "Sun Valley". The other half of the take has been paying the rent at these locations for years. I must say that the operators in this area keep their games in tip top condition. In almost 40 years of bingo playing I have rarely seen a game down. These games are so much fun. You just have to take the time to understand the rules. And it takes a ton of skill to keep a ball in play without flippers!  Ned.........

~ Dennis is Cool ~






heh heh ;) very good. Well, they're addictive as heck! And since when did flippers define pinball!?


Ah, but they DO make money out on routes today. I saw a diner in South San Francisco with one wall lined completely with bingos just a month
ago and apparently the guy who runs those runs many many more throughout the city.




Steve Charland


Hi Ed,
     You and I are much alike when it comes to age and repairing EM's but I disagree with your statement that Bingo's make no money today. They're all over San Francisco in bars doing just that. Most have been converted to quarters and are doing quite well. True that they're illegal here but
everyone looks the other way (I think the cops don't want to move them because they hear that they're too heavy   :)   ).      I get calls every once in a while to fix 'em but I don't have the time. It is getting to be a lost art from what I hear, nobody wants to touch them. I don't see what the big deal is, they're not that difficult to move around, I've moved them many times by myself. Also, I do have a bingo and a one ball payout in my 70+ collection.   ;)   -S   (CARGPB1)





new ones are still being made overseas, and on a route with gambling going on they are making several hundred dollars per week or more each.



Ed Anderson


I'm not entirely with you on this one. Bingos are an important aspect of the history and development of pinball. Flippers are not a requirement, merely an improvement. Repairs may seem impossible without a good feel for the technology.  Some of us old farts (I'm only 46) are still around you know!  We cut our teeth on relays and mechanical systems. Personally, I love 'em, I used to play (and fix) one when I was a teenager, over at a friends house.  His dad got it for free out of a 4-lane bowling alley that closed up. The concept of a "skill shot" from the ball plunger has been lost in
modern pinball. Someday I will add a bingo to my collection, but I have enough projects on the go right now, and the right machine at the right price in the right geographical area has not magically appeared before me.  It's only a matter of time. I'm not looking forward to hauling it down the basement stairs, I think you underestimated the weight. I don't believe that I would ever own more than one for my personal collection, and they certainly wouldn't make any money on a route today.


 ~ Very Cool ~






How true,how true. But,if you can restore one back to 100%,you will NEVER be intimidated by any other EM made. Including gun games and the like. I don't care for the gameplay myself but you have to remember when these things were on location paying out money,there were alot of skilled players that had their way with them and made money.Believe it or not they are a game of skill.




Donelx6 (really respond to scottmax)


IMHO only Bally's Hi Fi, had any physical skill, via the "bumps" feature, involved in manipulating the ball. All the others were manipulated either by
screen and/or number movement.
Don L.



scottmax69 back to Donelx6


I was actually refering to the players skill at being able to nudge the machine itself and bounce the ball off of the posts to obtain the #'s they
wanted.Probably more prominent with a six card machine rather than the moving screen type.





I had one, a Bally Zodiac, cool innards but I just could never get into it, too heavy to nudge and just not exciting to me.  I think you have to have grown up playing them and gambling on them or something to really get into them (just like pinball but to a greater extent).  And it was the only machine I needed help moving, I didn't like that!...Frenchy






Don S


I thought I knew how to work on EMs, then I saw the inside of the head of a bingo.  It's like 3 full EMs all crammed in there.  The wiring harness is
about 3 inches thick.




Buy Best


smart  got my own $35 bingo BALLY palm springs - Now I too could takes others paper route $$


…..Laugh _ I know I lost more than a bit of my paper route money in the bingo……
















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