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_ The title of Steve’s email below was “video of my baby” _


Steve Rocks! A frame-up restoration of his Bingo – New wood, he made himself _ New paint job, he did himself with stencils he made himself – etc.

What’s something like that sell for, well:

_ laugh _

…….and who do you have help you sell it – non other than The Doctor……


Steve Smith

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Sep 29, 2012

If you like (and when you have some time) … Josh Kaplan (aka and another Richmond pinball guy) just posted a video I’ve been waiting see for a year now (well two weeks shy of a year) - he sent me the link today.

I noticed that when he uploaded them to youtube - he did what most of us would do - Loaded part one then part two. Well youtube must not work that way because after part one finishes it goes to another video – not part two. … I alerted him to this – he may adjust ‘em soon and that may cause these links to not work properly (don’t know for sure).

For those that don’t know, the star (besides my “baby”)is Jeffrey Lawton , the author of the only two books ever written on this type of gambling pinball machines.

Anyway - here’s links to both. (combined they run almost 24 minuets)


part 1


Part 2




Thanks for all you do matey.






This dude is definitely one of my Bingo Heroes!!