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From: Cabinut <cabinut@>
Subject: Two Bingo Stories
To: "Danny Leach" <bingopinballs@>
Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 9:46 AM


Hi Danny,

With life getting in the way I haven’t had much time for working on my many bingo related projects but I stumble across copies of my first email to Jeffry Lawton and his response. Being 100% bingo related thought I’d share it with you.

(By the way, these were the start to a very enjoyable long term friendship. We are very like minded in on almost every topic we get involved talking about … ‘s very good).


Anyway, finding them reminded me of my last bingo adventure with him to visit Old Binger, ( Hugh Kown ) in Late January 2011. About mid-day Jeffrey gave me a technical magazine article he wrote for Pin Game Journal that was never published. (The editor had apparently stopped the repair tips section).

I’ve attached these first two correspondences (as they are why the article was written at all) and a copy of the unpublished article. I had no idea it existed and thought it was a pretty fricken’ cool thing to happen.


Another Tid-Bit…


-Back story:  Right after I bought my Bikini and got her working properly I’d play it for hours and hours almost every evening (often past midnight).

Well another note I stumbled across when I found those first emails with Jeffrey was rather interesting.

Here’s what I had scribble down in pencil which looks kind of beer-handed.




Friday Oct. 22, 2004 - 9:40PM


Green & Yellow odds at 8/24/96, Red odds at 32/96/200.

With 1, 24, 8 in red vertical one space apart … 6 & 22 are also lit.

Need 19 or 23.

One press of Yellow button….




…I’ve stopped to write this event without playing these extra balls yet.


While Writing This!!! (leaning over the playfield glass) I moved my left elbow over the Futurity Game button dumping the game and all the extra balls.


…. DUMB ASS ….


Lets see what the Futurity game gives up.


…. My Consolation ….

Hit with magic screen at “D” 5, 13, 20 in Green for 64 free games and 2, & 24 in yellow super section for another 120.

… Total 184 free games ($14.20)

10 tries for E.B. … got one …. Hit Yellow S.S. #1 for 120 more. =) ”


This was the first time I’d ever seen all of the extra balls be awarded on one press of the button (which I’ve seen barely a handful of time since).


Thought these were kind of fun stories – share them if you like.

Best to you,



(P.S. keep the good emails coming Matey)



































“And now you know the rest of the Story”


















……………or should I say “story with in a story”…………

























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