Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-07-2011 - Last Updated 5-13-2017


I first stumbled across this 25-Hole w/flippers Bingo on the Italian website which is an “ebay-like” website – Zero-Zip detail to share, but since, I have seen several of these games and most of them appear to be in France – Hmmm!!





backglasss being sold on the French website



I’d being willing to bet that the backglass above is from these bingos – laugh – Nice to now know there are several of these games!!



This bingo was also being sold in France










































_ OK, well here is a second version and somewhere I have a third! _



Hmmm _ Sweet!!


Now look at that lower cabinet _ I know I have posted something-else like this!!


?? Maybe one of the Cirsas ??





























~ If you know the name of the company that made either of these – Please email me ~







































Miss Marilyn Golden Turbo