Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-28-2015


_ Check out this flyer for London _




_ A bit Revealing _


OK, by the release of this Bad Boy, Bally is some 4-years into the 20-Hole Bingos!


_ They are Committed _


but Wait, sales are still way down and they start finally start asking what the problem is _ What??


Well, the feedback and complaints lay it out pretty simply!






~ The Bingo Card on these puppies is not Square ~








_ Ole-school guys like me are only playing the 5-by-5s _








What are they to do!









Well, “as advertised” right?


“Sell It” - laugh!


























London - Special Game Reflex Units

Wonder what the alarm sounds like on these!!
























_ Well, where do you think Sorex got their Magic Bonus Wheel _