Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-24-2010 _ Last Update 12-19-2015



~ Splin‘s gift to Italy _ Diamonds ~


_ How Nice _




~ a Dot-Matrix display, helps peg the date and it’s Cool that these were still listed on Splin’s site in 2010, so we may see one yet! ~


_ SPLIN BELGIO in the upper-left quadrant _


Similar to Diamond Flipper in function, but as you can see Di Lusso has a clean-rich appearance _ I wonder why!


Oh yeah, laugh, that pretty much walks hand-in-hand with it’s game-name that means The Luxurious.


Notice the Italian Language, which also helps distinguish these pins.


I very much like the look of the handrail and sleek ball-shooter bezel – both very classy.


Both machines have a Golden Game, Random Game, Super One Ball game, Lucky Ball game, and One Ball game – And the

Diamond Flipper Di Lusso also has a Euro One Ball game that uses the Dot-Matrix Display feature.




















~ Very Luxurious – I Want One! ~

























































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