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Created on 04-17-2014

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jerry kaczmarek,

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Sep 27, 2012


hi danny,


they had a golden gate machine next to the santa anita sports book at the thoroughbred lounge next door.i loved to play it i hit the 2 in the blue for 600 nickels all the time,the gate feature would rarely lite it was the only one in vegas,but they were all over new orleans ans ms.the lido and bikini,had no such feature.the lido and bikini had the red rollover lit defect on almost all of them.i won so much money on the pinballs its impossible to calculate,my last good score was 1500 doolars at boodles lounge on charleston blvd.after that mypicture was all over town.your pal always spitter

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I saw this in a video from a bingo gathering in England posted about two weeks ago. Prodded Chris Howard to please tell us more the suspense tried my patience and here it is.

When you get a few minuets


Holy shit!