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Created on 10-15-2017


I have had this one forever – I love this email` Here Raymond sent me a somewhat innocent note that shows just how

many “neat” stories and bits of history are out there associated with these pins\`




There is a fellow in Sparks, NV, Phil Anderson, who has a business called Ace Pins.  He is a licensed person and former Bally

employee who ran bingo routes at one time.  They are not legal in Nevada at the present time because the odds are not well defined.


He received certification as an expert on the machines to be able to testify about the true odds going through the reflex unit, spotting

disk and mixers.  Still, no approval because of a lack of accounting system that seems to be built into modern slots.


Phil partnered with Alan Marriage to advertise and sell his warehouse of bingos and slots.  Some of these old machines are the one-balls,

1953 and prior.  I came to know these fellows through Hooper and Jensen.  I bought my Silver Sails out of that pile.  The backup service for

 troubleshooting and parts has been good, so I really recommend them.


To say thank you to them for the help and to help them sell machines, I have listed a part of their inventory on my site. 

The Sea Fair is one of those machines; I tossed the photo over to Hooper.


Hooper explained that backglass rescreening was done to alter the names and sometimes characteristics of machines.  Notice that Sea Fair

odds do not go to the top.  When law enforcement had a list of "factory" machines defined as illegal, these machines did not fit that definition.


If you want to chase more history, write to Alan as FrFleming@ to see if he can elaborate on where the Sea Fair came from.


Raymond Watts



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