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Created 6-02-2010 _ Last update 12-24-2015


_ I wanted to post this “up top” here so I don’t forget the Sorex games <> As I did this morning, laugh <> When I started to post the Turbo as an Unknown _


Looking Closer, of Course there also had to be a Charleston



_ Take a good look at the Bonus Wheel _


Yeah, we wil be talking about that again, it may just be a Sorex exclusive and help us identify a few of the Unknowns!






_ 2010_


Today I stumbled a cross a “flyer site” that I’ll add to my Parts & Sources page and it had a pretty good and very inexpensive selection of Belgium flyers – At first I went right past this one never even given it a glance, thinking it was filed wrong due to it only being labeled as Charleston – Later when I saw reference to a Sorex Charleston Turbo – I knew I missed something. I have been following pinballs for years now and I’ve only seen the name “Turbo” associated with the Bingos:



It’s the tiniest thumb, but low-and-behold it is a Charleston Turbo after all


Then it hit me, I may have a picture of one of these in my files and the chase was on!




Now although that is a 2-Card, its features do not match any of the Wimi machines, which helps tell us it’s a different (new) company that we haven’t identified before _ Clues!


Now look closely at that cabinet, a very cool patchwork-quilt thing, that also doesn’t match any of the vendors we are familiar with!!








So far, there seems to be s zero information on Sorex out here on the Internet, searching for days only surfaced a few meaningful references:





Robert McHenry


Just picked up a Challenger Bingo made by a company called Sorex out of Belgium. I'd like to contact Mick Fisher and help him get his game back in order but I don't have his email address. I'm also looking for documentation on my game.






Mick Fisher


Hi, what a brilliant site. I too am a bingo lover from way back when. I spent 25 years looking for a machine and 4 years ago a very nice guy called KAI found me one. While the missus watches Emerdale I fire her up (the bingo that is) and return to my youth, heaven. That is until recently, She is not a well lady (the bingo) and she desperately needs a doctor .Can anyone help her? She is a relatively young lass ( I did try for a more mature lady but i just could not pull at that time)but she has given me many happy hours and I miss her dearly. Her name is GOLDEN CONTINENTAL TURBO Made by SOREX of BELGIUM. Please help I keep telling the missus i am not interested in what Jack Sugden is getting up to "int top field" but she is gradually wearing me down.



_ Love Mick’s Post _








If 16 Is Hit Bonus Advance

Double Double Bonus

Bonus Triple Highest Score

2-Stars, 3-Stars, 4-Stars

5 Extra Balls

Extended Play

Mixed Diagonals

Advancing Odds

Main Card Corners Scoring


Moving Lines

2 Sweet Flapper Girls






OK <> This thing is Fully-Loaded


_ Sweet _