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Created on 9-03-2011 – Last update 07-10-2019



Question-of-the-Day here folks: Is this another Wimi from “The Dead Zone” -or- another Sirmo from “The Dead Years” -or- both`


This photo is a Super Continental photo from the IPDB I borrowed here in 2011`



Now you all know that I constantly question the accuracy of the IPBD, but here I have to commend them, because

they had this bingo we did not and they correctly identify it as a Wimi machine based upon that small top-right

black-and-gray box containing the Wimi logo.


Now things get interesting, when you start comparing this machine to a Sirmo New Orleans and the other photos I

just recently found below _ Let’s start with the comparison to the New Orleans on the backglass:


 The top-left solid gray box is exactly where Sirmo’s name was on New Orleans


This backglass is one-to-one with features to New Orleans except for the extra boxes (bars) on each of the cards.


Along with Sirmo’s top name tag, the Double-Nothing feature is grayed-out and so is the Sirmo Top Numbers

feature, as well as the extra (unknown feature) cards on each card _ Basically they stripped all the Sirmo ties

 and deleted the highest payout features.


Now let’s continue the comparison with playfield:



This the exact New Orleans playfield except for the different Score Cards



This is clearly a “transition games” that helps support the theory that Sirmo & Wimi where closely connected

together during the early years _ Maybe Wimi is an offshoot……




Now I just found these two pictures, which prompted to write this page and which seem to show the bingo with both companies names on it:


image001  image002


This bingo is slightly different in several aspects: The logos seem to both be there in their respective top corners, the

playfield here is different and I think unique to this bingo, the center-left “orange” box containing the Sirmo Top

Numbers game feature is now green and something different, the Double-or-Nothing feature is different than New

Orleans, the footrail is minus coin slots, and the extra bar (center white) is in place on each of the cards here????


This seems to be the Super Continental intended _ “Super” in every aspect


Not only do I think this is the Super Continental _ I think it was released at the same time the companies were a

Single Entity getting ready to split _ The “Smoking Gun” if you will…….


Another clue to helping solve the Riddle: “Belgium, the Early Years”





(2019 France)







































(check out Dallas’s little orange box and lower cabinet)