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Bingo pinballs


_ possible key source _

_ definite key specifics _


?? I cannot find the source for this thread ??


David Dierickx
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  Posted: Tue July 10, 2006 6:54 pm Post subject: Euro Continental Star

I have two bingos Euro Continental Star Wimi of both Eb02.
Electronic key missing error.

Does anyone happen to wiring diagrams for a bingo like this.

I have checked on these bingo kablage and find not a mistake but yes that's difficult if you do not know where each wire needs.
Connector's no problem, but at the level of security switch that is something else.

Or somewhere a description of each connector (pinbeschrijving)
On the internet I already found the manual (in French) so that I seek no longer.

I have two keys with EK bjhorende EEPROM to remove this Eb02.


No results so there must be something wrong outside.


David Dierickx