Bingo Pinballs

Date Created Unknown


Mr. Vic Camp was kind enough to send me us his G.A.A. Manual

And it seems to cover two Bingos`…both New Continental and New Continental Golden.


The green board lines up perfectly with the “Block Diagram” on Pg 4 of the manual that references an MPU Module`


He sent me a bunch of pictures of a large red pcb that I have never understood, so I am a bit confused`

If I remember the story correctly, he asked GAA for a manual for his Golden and got the earlier New Continental`



Manual Image CPU Z80















G.A.A. New Continental Manual


Hopefully, I have Vic’s emails somewhere and a picture of where the Control Box plugs in`


 ~ Courtesy Vic Camp ~



Now this is interesting, a picture from Phil’s webpages`



…and Phil has the same green MPU board in his set of images`