Bingo Pinballs

Created on 9-02-2011



…a very nice Magic Screen game from Belgium`


ebay france july 2011  palm beach turbo North Carolina


There is more than one of these, clearly the front cabinet shows us two different machines here,






Cha-Ching this photo (unknown source) is a “Killer Find”



Now to my old-eyes: That Magic Screen mechanism looks to contain a “ribbon” running on rollers.

A single panel that is simply (and elegantly) cycled across the front bingo card to change it’s appearance.


Can anyone say “sensor” _Obviously mechanical way back when, photo-diode/LEDs would definitely

be used today, but this shows just how “savvy” the Belgium designers where from the very start.




I just noticed that this Magic Screen mechanism above is different that this one`


Sirmo Palm Beach Turbo













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