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_ The only purpose of this page is to help explain how this “common E602 error” occurs! _

 You have to be very careful in handling, moving, and opening up most of the solid-state bingos, since with one mistake you can easily cause this error!!

 Please ignore Leon’s reference to “how you cannot fix this type of error in your bingo without the orignal key”

 _ I thinks everybody before 2011 agreed that that was true! _

 Hopefully we now how a fix to help us tackle these games: You will see that I recently posted two new pages on how to address these bingos!



  Aug 27 2002, 3:00 pm    



From: (LEON) -

Date: 27 Aug 2002 12:00:42 -0700

Local: Tues,Aug 27 2002 3:00 pm

Subject: Re: Miss Bowling Bingo game


BAD news I'm afraid.. These wimi bingo's were fabricated here in Belgium and used as a sort of "jackpots" although it was and is still prohibited some bars and café's did and do "pay-out " the winnings...As sometimes big money was/is  involved there are a lot of safety circuits on these machines. Complicated codes are in a ram, and the "hold" circuit of this safety ram is in series with a lot of security contacts.. When you open the door for example or the backglass the ram is erased...code E602... The only way to get the ram loaded again is a special print with eprom and circuitry to plug in at connector J709 and a certain number of handlings to perform.. The first buyer of such a wimi bingo is mostly an exploiter of several machines in bars and cafés.. so he has "the key" the special print ... every client of Wimi's has his own key, so no exchanges between clients could be made...( smart) As business was going down last years in bingo's a lot of these machines came on the market, but the exploiter kept the key for the machines he still had running... And at the first occasion the new owner opened the front door the ram was resetted and the bingo "out of business" E602...The only way to start it up again is to find the owner of the original " key"...Up to now i tried a few "tricks" but without success..stopped my experiments because "to much time "consumed... I general this bingo's end up in garages and shacks after the new owner called and asked around for a solution that he did not found...The day i cracked this one perhaps i will not publish it on my website......... , i will have a lot of clients " waiting"....  sorry  Leon .from