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Created on 05-02-2014


Since Gary got his first Sirmos he has been kind enough to write in with a ton of detail and this email Rocks!


My hope has been that some of the solid-state machines are similar enough, that we can use the keys, programmers, manuals, and service boxes from some bingos to fix and work on others and this email helps tell us that is correct. Brooklyn is a 2-Card bingo while Continental is a 6-card bingo!!


From: Gary King <gking19@>
To: Danny Leach <bingopinballs@y>
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 4:23 PM
Subject: sirmo service box Re: Sirmo Brooklyn (and Continental)


My Sirmo Brooklyn and Continental are very similar (other than the moving lines on the Brooklyn) as far as parts used, but the circuit board on the power supply has a different mix of components in a couple spots (as an example one board has two capacitors in that section and the other board only has one [kind of how Williams system 11 A uses the same circuit board as system 11 C, but the C is missing all the sound components]).   

The buttons are different also. One seems to connect two contacts when you press one of the rail buttons, and the other machine seems to push a plastic cylinder with a metal band that doesn't touch anything (Hall effect switch, maybe?).


_ In this link you can see that the Sirmo programmer Gary uses is good for several years! _



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