OK, for the Love of the games!


Very few truly step up – Kevin and his Buddies do!


Check out this photo he just emailed me – Bally Bounty





Chris Dade


…nice-and-clean, deftly working the Skill Shot area to incorporate a Spot Em Feature that nearly doubles the spread of numbers over the typical Magic Number features seen on the typical 6-Card games and no disrespect Bally, but I think it looks a lot nicer than the original artwork!



_ Excellent Work _







From: kevin musk <kjmusk>

Subject: videos


On Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:01 AM, kevin musk <kjmusk> wrote:


Hi Danny, hope all well, just to let you know that I've posted a couple of short clips from our latest meeting on Youtube.My youtube channel is 'thebluesection' if you want to swipe them for your site.


I will also be posting a video of a 'Bounty' which I am working on which when finished will have a new feature added instead of the 'skill shot'(which was already removed when I picked up the machine).


bye for now, KEV.





One video I am looking forward to!

















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