Bingo Pinballs

Created on 08-30-2015



I apologize if I have already posted something on this, I may have`


Anyway, I definitely wanted to capture this, because Phil B comments on this one`




…from Bend, Oregon   …cute little Bingo Slippers`




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Bingo with Skill Shot Feature?




I have a customer looking for a Bingo. He says it had a skill shot feature on the backglass. Anyone know of such a game? Thanks,








Bounty was a great game, but I only saw it in a few locations. I think it was originally only for foreign sale. The skill shot was unique.


Some of the 20 hole games have "special" games which might be what your customer is talking about. These required a series of shots to land in the proper sequence in order to score. One of the best is Safari, with the Animal feature.


       Russ Snyder   


Nashville has a double double score feature on the 11th coin it lights a random number 7 25 18 9 1 if you get the lit whole the scoring is 4X