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Created on 07-11-2020



Years ago I started that post on rec.games.pinball and literally for years, folks replied to it`


Bingo Pinballs “Suck” – Are you with me?


I like this 2003 response from Dennis ~ Where you could still play Bingos out in town and

“it takes a ton of skill to keep a play in play without flippers” ~ How true`


St. Louis, Missouri


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From: Ned Ledod (pinbase@swbell.net)
Subject: Re: Bingo Pinballs "Suck" - Are you with me?

Newsgroups: rec.games.pinball
Date: 2003-02-16 09:32:10 PST


Bingos are still being operated in the St.Louis area at a nickel a pop and bring in enough money to support at least three families comfortably. Within a 10 mile radius of my home I can play a "County Fair", "Beach Time", "Miss America", "Bikini", "Laguna Beach", and "Sun Valley". The other half of the take has been paying the rent at these locations for years. I must say that the operators in this area keep their games in tip top condition. In almost 40 years of bingo playing I have rarely seen a game down. These games are so much fun. You just have to take the time to understand the rules. And it takes a ton of skill to keep a ball in play without flippers!  Ned.....



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I have the whole thread somewhere, I will post a few of the responses for you`