Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-02-2016



Now this game-name might be the longest of them all ~ Bingo Continental Euro One Ball ~ Smile`


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…just maybe it should have a few extra cards` …in this case, some of this is “legal” stuff`


Likely those (3) stickers on the left and the (2) small black labels are all regulatory, but those two square white cards

look like they maybe machine related. Especially that larger one on the left, it looks like a typical Score Card`


…anyway this is another example of bingo player cards we need good pictures of`


 This is great detail, that card on the right is very interesting, it looks like it might be talking about the Stars feature

and the Tilt, odd. In the center it has –1, -2, -3 ~ I really wonder what these cards are all about?






…as you photograph your machine, also please start photographing the cards`