Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-04-2020


Sirmo New Orleans


I really like it that these made their way to America`


Phil has a manual posted now`…Cool, so what about the Control Box







Be careful here, for the correct chip layout, follow the manual`




Test box SB1.jpg


OK, this is a very early model of the Sirmo Bingos`


And quite a few of these machines have these “homemade” Control Boxes

Notice how this one has (6) switches, just like the Wimi boxes`


This one looks to use a different mating connector than we see in the later games`




Now all we need are some great photos of the area inside the coin door`

Pictures of the board that this plugs into with great detail`


With that, I bet I can tell you how to make one of these and more importantly`


How to use it`




















Here is an old picture that Gary King sent to me one day`

I wonder if this is the connection for the Control Box



Yes, is my guess`