Continental Bingo One Ball (Sirmo) - HELP!!

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rogerrdodger 6/10/14



Guys, I just got a Sirmo Bingo Continental One Ball electronic bingo.

It is in great condition but a number of fuses are blown or missing.

I desperately need a fuse list.


I e-mailed Sirmo but they are not responding.

If you can help, please e-mail me:  lovemypins at aol dot com

Thanks so much



OK, there is as good chance Roger and others do not have the manual for their Sirmo,

The good news is that we do have the manual for a few of the machines and luckily, fuses are one of the common things the Bingos share. There are fuses in the AC circuitry and then there are fuses for the DC circuitry The AC fuse information can be found in the schematic and that lat table above covers to DC bus and 50 Vac lines. Another piece of good new is that AC line fuses the 110/220 VAC stuff can only be bought in the correct current rating 2A.

Writing on the printed circuit boards, modules, and on the front and back of the power supplies can also help identify which fuses is which, not all of the solid state pinballs have a single fuse box or fuse panel,