Bingo Pinballs

Created on 9-19-2010  _ Last update 10-24-2015



Well, looks like we lost a great Belgium source for manuals: As of 2015 I no longer see Cedermans website on the Internet!


Well, as you can see - I am posting all of these for a few reasons: To let you all know that there are many of the Sirmo manuals out there and available, that they are a great source for helping to track and record the history of these games, and that Sirmo made a few of these games in batches over the years _ All Cool stuff!!



_ Hmmm! _ Proc 1010, Proc 06352, Proc 06353 _




_ New Dixieland Bonus, Dixieland, Dixieland Bonus _





_ Likely these and Oklahoma below were all upright games, the machines I often refer to as Cabinet Games! _















_ Penalty _ Penaly One Ball _ Penalty One Bille _













_ I still have a bunch of these somewhere _ Stay Tuned _














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